REPaiR™ Implant

REPaiR™ Implant

Dental implants are a great smile restoration option for patients. However, some patients may experience what is called peri-implantitis. This is a site-specific infection that occurs in implants that have bonded with the natural bone. Our REPaiR TM implant treatment is able to eliminate this infection and promote healing.

What are the Benefits of REPaiR™ Implant Treatment?

In addition to restoring periodontal health, the benefits of the REPaiR TM implant laser treatment include:

  • Expedited procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • Easy access to implant
  • Precise treatment of specific area
  • Ability to treat one or more teeth
  • Quicker healing

How Does the REPaiR™ Implant Treatment Work?

Using laser dentistry, we are able to access the infected area with ease. From there, we use the laser to create precise incisions, revealing bone and removing bacteria. Additionally, we create vertical incisions with the laser to promote bone growth. Healthy tissue will then be able to grow and restore your implant to optimal function.

Are You Interested in our REPaiR™ Implant Treatment?

You deserve a healthy smile. If peri-implantitis is affecting your smile, do not wait for treatment. Rather, contact our experienced team at 772 Implant to learn more about our REPaiR™ implant laser treatment and schedule an appointment.

Dr. Horan is Board Certified in Dental Implant Surgery