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Dental implants have an extremely high success rate, averaging at about 95%. However, it is possible to have problems with your all on four or all on six dental implants on rare occasions, even if everything went exactly right during your procedure. It can be very frustrating to finally take the steps to fix your teeth and then deal with adverse effects. Dr. James Horan and his team of specialists know exactly what to do in this situation to get your treatment back on the right track.

Why Do Implants Fail?

There are two main reasons that dental implants fail:

Peri-implantitis Port St Lucie Tooth Rejection Specialist stuart florida


This is a kind of infection that is classified by inflammation of your gums around the dental implant. This often happens when post-surgery hygiene instructions are neglected.

Failed Osseointegration

Osseointegration is a process in which the dental implant integrates, or fuses with the bone in your jaw. When it fails, new bone cells cease to grow around the post of the implant to keep it firmly in your mouth. The process normally takes several months to complete.

Failed Osseointegration Port St Lucie Tooth Rejection Specialist stuart florida

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Other Causes of Implant Failure?

Why do implants fail port st lucie dental implant failure stuart

Many general dentists offer dental implant surgery today. While they are qualified professionals, many have limited experience with dental implants. Therefore, we recommend choosing someone with more experience to ensure the best possible outcome. Dr. Horan is board certified in Dental Implant Surgery and has had many years of experience with this procedure.

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[Bone Loss] Sometimes low bone density can lead to implant failure. Therefore, dentists need to perform a complete examination before proceeding with implant surgery.

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[Trauma] Trauma to the mouth following dental implants may cause implant failure.

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[Smoking] Research has shown that smokers have an implant failure as high as 20%. Some dentists are wary of performing this procedure on smokers for this reason. If you are a smoker, you may still be able to have the procedure, but you will have to refrain from smoking for some time before and after the procedure to increase the chances of success.

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[Medical Conditions] Patients with certain health issues, such as diabetes, gum disease, and cancer have a higher risk of implant failure. Your dentist will want to weigh your medical history and decide if implants are safe for you.

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Signs of Implant Failure

Implant Pain Dental Implant Failure

Radiating Pain

Radiating Pain

It’s normal to experience some pain and discomfort during the healing process. So, how do you tell the difference between normal healing pain and a sign of implant failure? One thing to note is the severity of pain. Mild pain for a few days following your procedure is likely okay. But severe, radiating pain, or pain that crops up after a period of no pain can be a sign that something is wrong. If you are ever unsure, give your Dentist’s office a call. Do not ever worry about “bothering” us – we would much rather have you be safe than sorry!

Dental Implant Failure Port St Lucie Signs Gum Inflammation Stuart

Gum Inflammation

Gum Inflammation

Minor swelling is also common after dental implant surgery and can last for a few days. However, if the swelling persists longer than a few days, and your gums look red and inflamed, it’s time to call your Dentist.

Difficulty Chewing Port St Lucie Dental Implant Failure Treatment Stuart

Difficulty Chewing

Difficulty Chewing

Dental implants and prosthetics are supposed to feel and act like natural teeth. If you have trouble chewing and biting with your implants, it could be a sign of implant failure.

Loose Implants Stuart Dental Implant Failure Port St Lucie

Loose implants

Loose implants

When your implants fuse properly, you should not be able to notice that they are there. Implants should feel like a natural part of your mouth, and any wiggling or shifting is not normal. If your implants don’t feel natural or if they feel loose, be sure to set up an appointment as soon as possible.

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Treatment for Dental Implant Failure

Teeth Implant Rejection Specialist in Stuart & Port St. Lucie

How your dentist treats problems with your implants depends on the cause. If there is a gum infection and you have sought treatment early enough, the solution may be as simple as careful cleaning around the implant and more vigilant hygiene on your part.

In some cases, the implant might have to be removed. If you have experienced bone loss, you may need a bone graft. It will likely take a few months to heal after a bone graft before your doctor can place a new implant.

Dr. Horan with dentist Implant specialist periodontist

Dr. James Horan & Dental Lab Partner

How Can Implant Failure Be Prevented

Proper Dental Implant Care

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Dental implant specialists provide detailed post-surgery instructions for their patients for an important reason. This is for their health and safety, to ensure that they heal properly and avoid complications. Following these instructions combined with attending all your recommended appointments after your procedure is the best way to ensure the success of your implants.

Disclosing Risk Factors

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All patients have a consultation in the office to decide on a treatment plan before any procedure. During this appointment, you will disclose any pertinent medical history and existing medical conditions. It’s very important to give detailed answers to these questions to make sure that you don’t have any contraindications for dental implants.

[Keep In Mind] We understand that implant failure sounds alarming. We provide this information not to scare patients, but to make sure they have all the facts and possible risks that come along with dental implants. If you have any questions or concerns about implants or are interested in scheduling a consultation, Call (772) 467-5268 or Contact Us Online today!

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